Is Antique Silver A Good Investment?

2008 was an interesting year for gold and silver investing. Collapsing commercial real estate cash flows could implode the derivative markets. Too increasing record debt levels amongst governments, corporates, and consumers essentially guarantee a coming alignment where all three need even more ∞QE support—leading to higher inflation rates—leading to more fiat currencies all bleeding in value versus silver bullion , gold bullion further.

It might be safer to store the metals in another country than in your own country. The security might be better. The other benefit is that the value of the metal in another country might be worth more than in your own country. So, storing it there until you need to sell it might be a much better idea.

What are Junk silver coins? Junk Silver coins are pre 1965 circulated coins in commerce that have since been removed from circulation due to their high silver content. Junk Silver coins with 90% purity are available in dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, all pre 1965 circulation. The 40% Junk Silver coins, on the other hand, contain coins minted after 1964. The bags in which these coins are generally contained include Kennedy half-dollar coins circulated between 1965-1969 and Eisenhower dollars issued between 1971-1976. Both the 90% and 40% version of these coins can now be purchased in bulk and provide investors with the most amount of pure silver for the cheapest price due to their lack of aesthetic and collectors appeal.

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to paperwork – saving you time and undue frustration. When you’re ready to order, one of our experienced investment strategists will help you set up an account, guide you through the process and discuss the specifics of taking of your gold or silver.

Silver has many different properties which make it useful in a multitude of different roles. Of all the metals, silver is the best conductor of heat. Silver is also the best conductor of electricity. In addition to its usage as money, the conduction properties of silver allow it to be widely used in electrics, batteries, and electronics. Silver is also the most reflective metal when exposed to natural light, hence its use in jewellery, silverware and more recently, solar panels. Silver nitrate was critical for the evolution of photography, and silver is still used widely in the photography industry despite the rise of digital photography. Silver’s anti-microbial properties have found it applied recently as nano-particles in sweat resistant clothing and as a germ fighter. Silver has long been used as a water purifier, and is now also found in medical equipment and hospital instruments.

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