How Can You Protect Yourself From Inflation?

Well gold is one of the most precious metals of all times and as compared to the precious metals it’s always been on the top of everything. Buying physical gold can present storage and insurance problems. However, small ingots or coins, such as sovereigns and Krugerrands, are portable and easily stored, and given that they are a physical asset they can provide some comfort during uncertain times.

Jewellery enhances the beauty of a bride and the dazzling Indian jewels for brides are designed skillfully to make the bride more attractive and charming. For the feet lovely anklets are made while rings make the hands more delicate and appealing. Neckline looks attractive when adorned with beautiful necklaces and chokers. These articles can be of gold, silver, diamond or platinum depending on the budget and choice. Majority of the Indian brides go for gold jewellery with precious stones for their wedding day. The brides usually choose the same colored stones for the wedding jewellery as of their wedding dress. This makes the overall look appealing and elegant. The brides who like to wear customized jewellery go for designer wear but it is quite expensive and only the affording brides can have it.

Overall, while it is true that silver is seen as a more volatile precious metal to invest in than gold, it is a very well-balanced choice. You have several benefits on your side, particularly if you choose to invest in silver at the present time, and you also have a commodity that you know can retain value over time.

As a perennial form of money, silver has long been adopted and accepted as a workable money in a free market precisely because silver embodies the universal characteristics of money. Silver coins are durable, relatively scarce, universally accepted, fungible, portable and cannot be debased, and are therefore suitable as a medium of exchange and unit of account. Physical silver has intrinsic value and lacks counter-party risk and default risk. Silver also retains its purchasing power over long-periods of time, as does gold , and is thus suitable as a store of value and as a long-term hedge against inflation.

It’s important to consider all of the initial and ongoing costs related to whether you choose to invest in coins, bars, ETFs or closed-end funds. For ETFs and closedend funds, compare the management fees across different offerings, but also consider the differences in features and the associated risks with each offering to determine the overall value you receive.

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