Fundamentals To Gold Investing

If we would have to choose a word that everybody on the planet have heard or known about that will be “Gold”. Buying Britannia silver coins , for example, avoids CGT as they’re classed as legal tender. And due to our purchasing policy, which takes legal advantage of EU tax laws via our unique and exclusive sources, there is also no UK VAT to pay. Our silver bars , when purchased and stored through us, are held offshore in the Channel Islands, making them exempt from the 20% VAT charge.

A liquidator could not claim title to your bullion. That’s because you are the legal owner of all gold, silver and platinum that you buy through BullionVault. BullionVault is acting as a custodian, which is a status that’s very different from your bank, and immeasurably safer for you.

Overall, the relative low-level price point, opportunity for profit and further diversification of your investment portfolio make silver worth investing in. The buying options give investors a good choice in liquidity and can be very divisible should you need to.

To that end, silver can be much more reliant on a strong performing economy in which industry demand for the commodity is high. Still though despite its much greater volatility, it is still seen as a hedge in times of weakness in the US Dollar, and against rising inflation. Both of these factors are playing a role currently as the Dollar weakens, and guidelines on inflation are being loosened.

The value of bars and coins sometimes increase just because of the fact that it was a special edition and only a few of them are available. It is not about the price of the silver but about the make and edition of the item. Sometimes the design of the coins also matter in deciding the price of these coins. The more intricate the design is, so will the price be rising.

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