Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver

People are always yapping about how valuable gold is, but they often overlook the yellow metal’s less flashy cousin, silver. Circulated pre 1965 silver coins (often called “junk silver”) are 90% silver bullion and are sold at “times face” value. The dealer may quote you “10 times face” or “20 times face” per coin depending on the spot price of silver. You can research the internet in order to determine the going rate on junk silver.

Silver rounds also have got some importance with the coin collectors. One such famous silver round is a one ounce silver round named Engelhard silver prospectors. Last minted in the year 1988 by Engelhard and not available ever since then. So, those coins are hard to get and are very precious for coin collectors.

Of course, perhaps the biggest risk with having your money in a physical product is that you could lose or damage it. If your home is affected by a natural disaster, that investment could be wiped away in a matter of minutes. You can minimize that risk by placing your silver and any other asset-based investments in a safe deposit box.

Although Williams earned his spurs in the investment world by running bond portfolios for 30-odd years, he is now convinced that investors will not make money from holding government bonds in the foreseeable future – a result of inflation and then interest rates rising, causing bond values to fall. He says long-dated gilts (UK Government bonds) represent one of the ‘most dangerous assets in the world’.

Silver is actually a very good investment at this point in time. It’s very undervalued and it has been for some time. Also, you can get a lot of small silver coins, called junk silver, at very cheap prices. It will be easier for you to sell off many small pieces of silver when it comes time to liquidate your savings than it will be to sell off large ingots of silver or gold.

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