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There are many articles on precious metals on the web and some of them are quiet professional with a lot of details and data. Coins are even worse than bars since you pay extra for the Uncirculated brilliant” and that means you better not ever touch them with your hands and when you get them they better ALL be as perfect as possible and buying the ones that are given even higher ratings cost insane amounts and the only one making a profit would be you great-grandkids when they are old.

Due to the large industrial demand for silver, the silver price is more exposed to economic cycles than the gold price, precisely because of silver’s multiple industrial uses and its relatively small above-ground stockpiles compared to annual silver mine supply. The silver price is therefore often more volatile than the gold price.

As gold prices are at multi-year highs in both domestic and international markets, investors wanting to invest in yellow metal are in two minds on whether they should invest or wait for some correction to happen. Prathamesh Mallya, AVP – Research Non-Agri Commodities and Currencies, Angel Broking Ltd, says that it is wrong to time the gold market as there is no right or wrong time to make an investment in the yellow metal. On a year-to-date (YTD) basis, gold has risen over 43 per cent while silver has delivered more than 62 per cent return. In an interview with Surbhi Jain of Financial Express, he said that the gold rally will continue until green shoots of recovery are visible. He further shed light on a few factors that may halt the rally in both gold and silver in the coming days.

The main hassle with physical precious metals is storing them securely. You probably don’t want to store them in your home if you can help it. Renting an off-site safe deposit box is generally a good idea. However, the cost of this storage will cut into your profits from your gold and silver’s price appreciation. You also might choose to insure your metals. But again, that option will cost money.

Only consider investing in physical precious metals, which grant direct ownership title, or fully-backed physical exchange-traded offerings, which provide beneficial ownership to the underlying metal and (preferably) the ability to redeem shares for physical metal.

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