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People are always yapping about how valuable gold is, but they often overlook the yellow metal’s less flashy cousin, silver. 4. COMEX Contract – A gold Comex contract is a futures contract for a specified amount of gold. One gold Comex contract is 100 oz of gold, and is deliverable upon request when the futures contract has ended. Your gold is actually stored in the Comex vault, but many people have complained that the Comex is giving cash settlements rather than physical bullion.

ETFs & Mutual Funds: The price of silver can fluctuate as can the price of individual stocks. To that end, diversification is always a good idea. ETFs and mutual funds can provide the ideal alternative to invest in silver through a number of different stocks. This is precisely what you are doing by investing in an ETF or mutual fund. These are essentially baskets of stocks which are offered, and can be weighted toward any particular sector. In this case, you would be investing in a fund weighted in favor of silver.

This morning, spot gold opened at $1,230.50 an ounce in Europe while spot silver opened at $15.14 an ounce. In essence, the market thinks that gold is about 81 times more valuable than silver. The truth of the matter is that gold has always been valuable than silver but gold should not be 81 times more valuable than silver.

BullionStar’s silver bullion products are sourced from the world’s most prestigious national mints and refineries including the US Mint , the Royal Canadian Mint , the Austrian Mint , Germany’s Heraeus refinery and Swiss refinery PAMP Suisse. These mints and refineries guarantee the purity and authenticity of their bullion products, and are some of the best known brands in the bullion industry. BullionStar has also commissioned it’s own BullionStar 1 kg 99.99% fine silver bar , manufactured by Heraeus in Germany. The BullionStar 1 kg silver bar can be traded with no spread between they buy and sell price.

Allocated gold accounts allow an investor to buy gold coins and bars from a bullion brokerage which will transfer or ship the bullion to an individual’s account in a depository or bank. Allocated accounts involve ownership of specific gold and the owner has title to the individual coins or bars. Due diligence should be done on allocated gold account providers and the history, security, credit rating and net worth of the provider is of vital importance.

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