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With so much hype doing rounds for investing on the silver bullion bars, many people are considering such investment. These are nothing more than a generic name for silver coins which doesn’t have any face value to them except the metal value. These coins doesn’t have any tender value of their own and are only made in the shape of coins just to be able to stack them as rolls. Silver rounds are easy to pack and easy to handle.

You need to be conscious how much money you can afford to invest in gold coins, you also need to recognize which coins are the best investment. Presently gold coins are usually divided into a maximum of three various groups. The different ratings applied to gold are common gold bullion, hard to come by and collectible.

Increases in silver price are expected to take place due to the increased demand for silver globally, primarily due to industrial demand. The electric car industry, the solar energy industry, and electronics component manufacturers all use silver heavily in their operations.

Precious metals held by your IRA should be stored with one of the two depositories used by STRATA Trust Company: Delaware Depository or Brinks (certain locations). Precious metals can be stored within a storage facility in two ways: commingled, where metals for different owners are all stored together in an area within the depository designated for the IRA custodian’s customers, or segregated, where metals are stored separately for each investor. You should expect to pay an annual storage fee, in addition to your annual IRA fee.

BullionVault gold, silver and platinum are all VAT (sales tax) free – for as long as they are held in accredited vaults. If you choose to withdraw your gold it remains exempt, but 20% VAT will apply if you choose to withdraw your silver or platinum bullion.

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