Investing In Gold And Silver

Do you know when it’s time to sell gold coins? The displayed precious metals prices and pricing trends are delayed and are based on indicative or spot” prices and do not reflect any actual market transactions. The pricing trends show intra-day pricing performance. These prices and trends are illustrative only. They do not reflect Wholesale Prices available to us, the Customer Prices that we make available to customers at any point in time, or any spreads or other transaction costs.

As a general rule, I’m willing to buy gold as long as it’s not way above the money supply trend. I collected small gold and silver coins in my teens in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I then sold all my gold and silver coins in 2011 when it was in a bubble, and started buying back in 2016 when it came back down to the trend.

Investing in precious metals you would be forgiven for putting a very heavy focus on the popular names in the sector. Trading in gold and silver obviously attracts much more attention in this area, mainly due to the general level of awareness that most people have around these very common market choices. There are other precious metals that are definitely worth investing in though. One of these which is often forgotten about by retail traders, is palladium. Despite the fact this precious metal has grown strongly in recent years, and has displayed gains of more than 1,000% since 2008, it is often left aside by investors focused on the higher volume gold and silver markets.

The real interest rate is the difference between a safe investment like a Treasury bond, and inflation. During times of very low interest rates, the interest yields of premium saving accounts and Treasuries may be lower than inflation, meaning that people who are saving diligently are still losing purchasing power. In contrast, during periods of higher rates savers in those instruments may get a real return over inflation.

Trading in commodity CFDs is a very popular method over the shorter-term if you are looking to get involved in trading the values of precious metals. With CFDs, you are not buying the underlying asset itself, but you are trading based on the price movement between opening and closing of the contract. It is in many ways similar to trading options or futures on commodities with the benefit that you never risk taking delivery of the actual asset in the same was as you would when trading other derivative contracts. It is also one of the most accessible ways to get involved, since most major brokers who offer forex trading , will also have some major commodity CFDs available to trade.

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