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With so much hype doing rounds for investing on the silver bullion bars, many people are considering such investment. The market for copper is diverse, boasting a large number of industrial, manufacturing, and decorative uses. The demand for copper is ever-increasing and it, like other precious metals, is in limited supply. Although copper is often overlooked as an investment compared to gold and silver, an increasing number of investors are starting to buy copper bullion coins and bars to hedge their portfolios against further currency devaluation.

While ratios may suggest one precious metal to be more attractive than others, retail investors should not time the prices of metals to make tactical bets. They should only use gold to diversify their portfolio through options like SGBs or ETFs that don’t have high costs involved.

Silver is used as something called a hedge,” which essentially means a way to safeguard yourself as you’re investing. You may feel vulnerable as you look at your portfolio, especially if experts are predicting a downturn. Hedging can be a form of insurance against the risk you feel you’re taking with the other items in your portfolio.

On top of that, there are some other discoveries you might like to know. For starters, just realize that it would take a mathematical genius to fully comprehend their auditing procedures. My law degree is certainly not enough to digest all they purport to do. But the bottom line is that I have some hesitation about just how much physical gold might be in storage to back the issued shares of GLD. Paper shuffle aside, all we really care about is how much precious metal is there. And if the ETF gold investment we all know and love as GLD is leveraged and lacking in ample underlying metal, then this seems to me to be the same financial hocus pocus that has brought about the slow death of the U.S. Dollar.

Gold and Silver Coins. The third way to invest is by actually purchasing physical gold and silver in the form of bars or coins. While not as popular as the other two methods, this is the only way to buy gold and silver that guarantees that you actually possess the physical metal, as you can hold it in your hands. Arguably, you should have a portion of your precious metals investment in the form of gold and silver coins. These two metals are readily recognizable, have real worth and can be easily stored and traded. While you can buy both metals in the form of bars, for most people owning coins is the best way to own physical gold and silver. There is no reason to own any other metal.

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