In times of economic brouhaha, troubles, and uncertainties, many people run towards investing in precious metals. We have also stayed committed to investors wanting the highest level of education on the how and why to invest in gold and silver. Whether you want to stay up-to-date with live spot prices or analyze historical gold and silver price charts ; or maybe you want to understand gold investing fundamentals or silver investing fundamentals ; we have it covered.

Silver and gold are of course used as a form of money and also since the ancient times were used for gambling purposes. They are of metal and usually disc shaped. Coins can be dated back to the BC era. By around the year 700 BC the Mesopotamian were using precious metals as a medium of exchange.

On the other hand, he believes commodities are now one of the best investment shows in town and silver could lead the way. He predicts a ‘long-term bull market’ in silver that could last for the next four and a half years – although there will be a lot of volatility along the way.

Commodities also provide a tactical play on the current weakness in the U.S. Dollar. As other currencies such as the Euro and Yen appreciate versus the dollar, foreign buyers can buy less goods with the same amount of currency. This artificially increases demand, and subsequently drives up the prices of commodities. Currently, effects of this phenomenon can be seen best in the gold and silver markets as prices have risen dramatically over the past year.

Because these bars’ entire life is auditable, and because they have never been in private hands, a professional buyer accepts them as “good delivery” by the seller. So the seller achieves the international spot market price and gets paid quickly and efficiently.

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