Investing In Gold

New to gold investing? 3. Precious Metals IRA – Gold as investment in your IRA is a great way to hedge against inflation while diversifying your retirement account. When you buy gold for your IRA you are simply having a gold bullion dealer, or third party storage company, store your gold for you.

There are two main ways to get exposure to silver. The simplest route is through a low-cost exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks the price (dollar price) of silver. These are run by the likes of iShares (part of asset manager BlackRock) and WisdomTree – and can be bought through major online investment platforms.

2. Mining Stocks – There are all sorts of mining stocks that investors are currently investing in. From gold and silver stocks, to uranium and even coal stocks, investors seeking an attractive return without too much risk are increasingly buying into a variety of mining stocks.

It’s certainly a good thing that more and more people are turning to metals as the foundation of their investments and we can only hope that they retain these metals investments. In the past there has been something of a tendency for people to jump into gold and silver investing during times of crisis, only to cash in the minute the American dollar starts to take a turn for the better.

Commodities provide a play on globalization by their ability to aid in the improvement of the global economy. This is due to the fact that prices for industrial materials will increase as demand for industrial goods increase. As countries such as China and other emerging market economies develop, they will require more raw materials. This is especially true for industrial metals. China continues to develop at a rapid pace and consequently, their demand for raw materials continues to rise. In fact, China’s iron ore demand has increased from 5% of the world’s supply to almost 50% over the past twelve years.

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